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                Fabricación a Medida para mercado internacional – Contract Manufacturing


At Aproxyma Foods, we are specialists in formulating and manufacturing food & beverage products,  packing them into a range of pack formats for both the retail, large distribution and Foodservice markets.

We are a privately owned business working in several food industries, from nuts to coffee, snacks, chips, olive oils, pickles, te, canned vegetables….

We export to over 50 countries and service all sectors including Foodservice business, food distributors, food importers,   such a complete range for retail customers.

Aproxyma have been manufacturing and packing food and beverages products for over many years.

Our small size and private ownership, means we are versatile, flexible and easy to work with, and this is perfect if you are looking for a partner to help develop and launch new or existing products in different markets or distribution channels (your Brand, private label or third party customers).




Want to create your own food product or beverage?

We manufacture, formulate, perfect and pack food products and beverages adapted at  your requirements

We manufacture, formulate, perfect and pack – to your requirements in the following formats

  • Cartons
  • Jars
  • Bottles   
  • Tetra Bricks Containers       
  • Sticks   
  • Sachets           
  • Glass


Discover how we can help you:  food and beverage products

We recognise the need for private label brands and are available to help create bespoke formulations and pack formats to suit individual customer needs. Being a small and independent business enables us to work quickly and innovatively to deliver new product ideas or improve on a current range. We have a proven track record in innovation and were the first company to launch a unique mini cube sweetener. Our central UK location is perfect for access with our office, quality control and factory under one roof.




We contract pack your product in the format and size of your choice.

We offer a contract packing service for a wide range of dry products, beverages and ingredients, and have in our time packed everything, from nuts and flavoured snacks to gourmet products, olive oils, canned vegetable, juices, coffee, te, spices and much more… all of these products certified by several certifications like IFS, ISO, BRC,….etc.  

Whatever your product, from almonds and nuts to olive oils and gourmet products, and whatever your packaging format or size – we can pack it for you and adapt for more than 100 countries

  • Bottles
  • Cans
  • Jars
  • Cartons                             
  • Tablets             
  • Sticks                   
  • Tetra Brick Containers


A complete packing service

If you’re looking for a partner or factory to help to develop your products and your Brand, and to launch a new product, need a small production for a new business line or promotional line, or maybe just back up capacity,  then we can probably help you in your country and other markets.